Parcel Food Delivery Bike Game : 3D Game for mobile

How To Play:

  • Tap and hold to drive
  • Release to brake
  • Avoid crashing
  • Collect cash

Pick up and drop off packages to customers to earn money and level up. Explore the world and discover new zones.

I like the game & both modes. I just wish it would update my warehouse already. Update: still no update on my warehouse, I’ve reached level 365…

This game is playable. I like it. But I don’t like the advertisement boxes that interrupt dialogue.

Needs more worlds, more hazards, more of everything. I also need more building to happen as I’ve been just throwing the money in the same file cabinet for a many months now.

I like the progress of building the warehouse world. Turn it into a warehouse city. Add condos even. Please fix this, soon, since I’m on level 382, and it shouldn’t stop doing the interesting stuff.

I took a star away from your rating since it’s been so long with nothing new happening

Parcel Food Delivery in a 3D Game

Are you ready for an exciting new gaming experience? Look no further than the Parcel Food Delivery Bike Game, a thrilling 3D game that will test your skills and provide hours of entertainment.

Deliver Food on a Bike

In this game, you take on the role of a delivery driver who must navigate through busy city streets to deliver food to hungry customers.

But there’s a catch – you’ll be doing it all on a bike! Strap on your helmet, hop on your trusty two-wheeler, and get ready for a fast-paced adventure.

As you make your way through the city, you’ll encounter various obstacles and challenges. From dodging traffic to navigating tight corners, every delivery presents a new test of your biking skills.

Upgrade Your Bike

As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your bike. From faster speeds to improved handling, these upgrades will give you an edge in your delivery missions.

Collect coins along the way to unlock new bikes and customization options, allowing you to personalize your gaming experience.

Choose from a variety of bikes, each with its own unique attributes. Whether you prefer speed, agility, or durability, there’s a bike that’s perfect for your playing style.

Experiment with different combinations to find the setup that works best for you.

Challenge Friends and Compete for the Top Spot

Think you’re the best delivery driver in town? Put your skills to the test by challenging your friends in multiplayer mode.

Race against each other to see who can complete deliveries the fastest and earn the highest scores.

But the competition doesn’t stop there. Join online leaderboards to compete against players from around the world. Can you climb to the top and become the ultimate delivery champion? Only time will tell.

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